Based on the 1961 movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, Holly’s was created in 2009, named after the film character Holly Golightly, who Audrey Hepburn embodied so enchantingly and finally made her a style icon in Hubert Givenchy’s creations. She was not Truman Capote’s first choice, moreover, he was horrified that the role was played by the delicate Audrey Hepburn, because he had his friend Marilyn Monroe in mind. If this seems completely absurd to the viewer, it must be fairly mentioned that the character of the Holly Golightly in the movie by Blake Edwards is more charming and lovely.
Just as the movie is based freely on the book, so we orient ourselves reely on the movie.
So with Holly’s we want to create a place where strangers have a good time (together), it doesn’t always have to be a wild party like in the movie, sometimes it is just fine to havea cozy Sunday brunch or a sociable TapasTuesday.


The Golightly-Group combines various ideas around Holly Golightly … Beauty & Lifestyle.


What initially started as an independent and yet connected project from the beginning became a project on paper in 2014 with the move to Palma.
Paris: Fashion, design & lifestyle
NYC: Food, Beverage & Lifestyle